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Function Menus

Choose from the set menus below from $12 per head (minimum numbers may apply) or design your own from our list of items available. Please speak to our Bistro Manager Rob to obtain a quote 9586 1045 or email SORRY SELF CATERING IS NOT AVAILABLE All menus include staff to deliver the platters of food to the function area. Wait staff for continual tray service are at an additional cost. Coffee and tea available Prices current at Dec 2015

Function Menu A $12

Chicken skewers

Barrumundi cocktails

spring rolls

gourmet pizza

Function Menu B $15.50

Sushi Rolls

Dim Sims

Meat Balls

Sausage rolls


Chicken Drumettes

Gourmet Pizza

Function Menu C $15.50


Chicken skewers

lamb skewers

mini gourmet pies

Gourmet Pizza

Function Menu D $21

Chicken skewers

Prawn Skewers

Salmon Roulade

Mini gourmet pies


Spring rolls

Dim sims

Gourmet Pizza

Function Menu E $25

Seafood Skewers

Lamb Skewers

Chicken Skewers

Sushi pieces

Gourmet Pies

Gourmet Pizza

Mini Dessert pastries

Function Menu F $30

Assorted Mediterranean Dips

Garlic and Herb Pizza Crust

Pasta Platters (2 varieties)

Veal Pizzaiola


Design your own menu from our list of items available below or ask the bistro managers for special requests.

garlic pizza and mediterranean dips $2.5 per head

Salmon Roulade $2.5 per head

Assortment of Canapes $3.0 per head

King Prawn cutlets $3.00 ea,

Crab claws $4ea,

barramundi fish pieces $2.5 ea,

Calamari 2 for $2.50

savory vol-au-vents $2.5 ea

BBQ Octopus platter $5.0 per head

chicken/lamb skewers $3 each

seafood skewers $4.50ea

Prawn skewer $3.5ea

lamb cutlets $5.5 each

sushi pieces $2.50ea

Thai fish Cakes $2 ea

gourmet pizzas $6 per head

chicken, beef or lamb mini gourmet pies: $3 ea

Marinated chicken drumettes $1.50 ea

spinach and ricotta or beef pastizi $2ea

Mini sausage rolls $1,50ea

Mini Quiche $2.80ea

Dim Sims, Samosas, meatballs, chicken balls or vegetarian mini spring rolls 2 for $2

pasta platters $7 per head

Cheese or antipasto platters - $150 - Serves 20-25 people

Fresh King Prawn or Oyster platters POA

variety of salads $3.0 per head

fruit platters - $150 - serves 20-25 people

mini desert pastries $3.5ea

Mixed Sandwich platters $150 serves aprox 30 people.