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Check out our great range of dishes. Bistro Menu, Pizza Menu & Function Menus.

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Booking a Function is quick, simple and completely secure. Click here to book your function online now.

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Get the latest updates to Keep it Local

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The Clock and Oyster Bistro serves throughout the hotel including the beer garden and level one lounges. We have great chefs who specialise in a wide range of dishes that will appeal to all tastes including their renown gourmet pizzas.



ph 95861045        clockandoyster@oatleyhotel.com.au

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width="1/3"][ultimate_modal modal_title="Function Menus" modal_on="image" btn_img="122|http://oatleyhotel.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/function-menu.png" modal_size="medium" overlay_bg_opacity="80"]Choose from the set menus below from $12 per head (minimum numbers may apply) or design your own from our list of items available. Please speak to our Bistro Manager Rob to obtain a quote 9586 1045 or email clockandoyster@oatleyhotel.com.au SORRY SELF CATERING IS NOT AVAILABLE All menus include staff to deliver the platters of food to the function area. Wait staff for continual tray service are at an additional cost. Coffee and tea available Prices current at Dec 2015 Function Menu A $12 Chicken skewers Barrumundi cocktails spring rolls gourmet pizza Function Menu B $15.50 Sushi Rolls Dim Sims Meat Balls Sausage rolls Pastizi Chicken Drumettes Gourmet Pizza Function Menu C $15.50 Dips Chicken skewers lamb skewers mini gourmet pies Gourmet Pizza Function Menu D $21 Chicken skewers Prawn Skewers Salmon Roulade Mini gourmet pies Pastizi Spring rolls Dim sims Gourmet Pizza Function Menu E $25 Seafood Skewers Lamb Skewers Chicken Skewers Sushi pieces Gourmet Pies Gourmet Pizza Mini Dessert pastries Function Menu F $30 Assorted Mediterranean Dips Garlic and Herb Pizza Crust Pasta Platters (2 varieties) Veal Pizzaiola Salads Design your own menu from our list of items available below or ask the bistro managers for special requests. garlic pizza and mediterranean dips $2.5 per head Salmon Roulade $2.5 per head Assortment of Canapes $3.0 per head King Prawn cutlets $3.00 ea, Crab claws $4ea, barramundi fish pieces $2.5 ea, Calamari 2 for $2.50 savory vol-au-vents $2.5 ea BBQ Octopus platter $5.0 per head chicken/lamb skewers $3 each seafood skewers $4.50ea Prawn skewer $3.5ea lamb cutlets $5.5 each sushi pieces $2.50ea Thai fish Cakes $2 ea gourmet pizzas $6 per head chicken, beef or lamb mini gourmet pies: $3 ea Marinated chicken drumettes $1.50 ea spinach and ricotta or beef pastizi $2ea Mini sausage rolls $1,50ea Mini Quiche $2.80ea Dim Sims, Samosas, meatballs, chicken balls or vegetarian mini spring rolls 2 for $2 pasta platters $7 per head Cheese or antipasto platters - $150 - Serves 20-25 people Fresh King Prawn or Oyster platters POA variety of salads $3.0 per head fruit platters - $150 - serves 20-25 people mini desert pastries $3.5ea Mixed Sandwich platters $150 serves aprox 30 people.[/ultimate_modal][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width="1/3"][ultimate_modal modal_title="Bistro Menus" modal_on="image" btn_img="124|http://oatleyhotel.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/bistro-menu.png" modal_size="medium" overlay_bg_opacity="80"]
Beef nachos $14.5
Vegetarian nachos $13.5
Jumbo beef burger & chips $15.5
Chicken burger & chips $15.5
Peri-peri chicken burger & chips $15.5
Moroccan chicken burger $15.5

Main Meals

fairfax hotel and food photos 010
Garlic Prawns served in tomato sauce $18.9
Baby Octopus Char grilled with Mediterranean Dressing $19.5
Prawn Cutlets served with chips & salad $21.5
T Bone Steak served with seasonal vegetables & baked potato or chips & salad,with your selection of sauce *Dianne *Pepper *Mushroom *Garlic butter $22.5
Chicken schnitzel crumbed chicken breast served with chips & salad $19.9
Chicken Parmigiana Crumbed chicken breast topped with leg ham, mozzarella cheese & napoli sauce then oven baked and served with chips & salad $21.5
Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet Served with mustard sauce, avocado, vegetables, & baked potato $21.50
Pollo gamberi chicken served in a cream & brandy sauce with king prawns $21.5
Veal scallopini served in a cream & mushroom white wine sauce with vegetables $22.5
Salmon Fillet served with beans, mashed potato drizzled with a refeshing lime and ginger dressing $23.5
Lamb Cutlets served with vegetables, mashed potato & gravy $22.5
Fettucine Marinara Fresh seafood cooked in a napoli tomato sauce $18.5
Tortellini Pastachada Tortellini cooked in a Napoli Cream sauce topped with mozzarella cheese and then oven baked $15.5
Fettucine salmone Tasmanian smoked salmon cooked in a cream & garlic sauce $15.5
Pasta Carbonara Bacon, onions, mushroom & garlic cream sauce $14.5
Spaghetti Bolognese $12
Lasagna served with Chips $15.5
Cannelloni Filled with spinach & ricotta served in a tomato basil sauce $15
Skewers Lamb - $22.5 Chicken - $21.5
Mezza Platter for 2 $25.5
Calamari Rings served with tartar sauce $16.5
Seafood basket mixed seafood plate $21.5
Fish & chips battered barramundi & chips $14.5


Italian $13.5
Greek $13.5
Garden $13.5
Caeser $14.5
Chicken Caeser $16.5
Rocket Salad fresh shaved parmesan, pine nuts & glazed balsamic vinegar $13.5
[/ultimate_modal][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width="1/3"][ultimate_modal modal_title="Pizza Menus" modal_on="image" btn_img="123|http://oatleyhotel.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/pizza-menu.png" modal_size="medium" overlay_bg_opacity="80"]
BRUSCHETTA cooked pizza base topped with roma tomatoes & spanish onion, olive oil & fresh basil $18.9
DNKY fresh leg ham slices topped with cashews & cucumber yoghurt on a tomato base $18.90
ELLE tandoori chicken breast topped with cashews & cucumber yoghurt on a tomato base $19.9
JOHN PAUL king prawns with pesto, semi sun dried tomatoes & tasmanian brie $21.9
RALPH garlic prawns, spanish onions, baby octopus, tassi scallops, calamari & cheese on a tomato base $21.9
CALVIN cheese, fresh tomatoes, roast beef, chili, pineapple & pepperoni $19.9
PIERRE char grilled eggplant, semi sun dried tomatoes, spanish onion, artichoke, fetta & fresh herbs $19.9
CERRUT Char grilled egg plant, marinated artichokes, grilled zucchini, capsicum, fresh tomatoes, bocconcini & olives. $19.9
DIOR Fresh smoked salmon topped with cream cheese, semi sundried tomatoes and capers $20.9
MELLY Finely sliced prosciutto, fresh tomatoes, bocconcini pesto topped with rocket salad & artichoke $21.5
MOCSHINO Cheese, Fresh Tomatoes, Pepperoni & Mushrooms $19.5
CALZONE (pizza folded over) Leg ham, mushroom, capsicum, onion, spinach & sweet chili $19.5
PRADDA Pesto, sundried tomatoes, onion, artichokes, spinach, fetta & pine nuts $19.5
PIZZA CRUST served with mixed dips $15.5
CLOCK & OYSTER fresh tomatoes, fresh oysters, spinach, bacon with a worcestershire sauce base $19.9
VERSACI chili beed, re-fried beans, roasted capsicum & spanish onions, topped with guacamole & sour cream $20.9
Moroccan Lamb Pizza Moroccan Spices, onion, lamb & rocket with tossed Moroccan yoghurt $22
DOLCE cheese, tomatoes, pepperoni, cabanossi, ham, pineapple, olives, mushroom, capsicum, onions & chili $20.9
REGGIO Marinated prawns, spinach, olives, chili & herbs $21.9
GUCI Italian sausage, marinated artichokes, char grilled eggplant, sundried tomatoes & ricotta $20.9
GIORGIO fresh sliced smoked salmon layered with tassie brie & avocado, topped with snow pea sprouts $20.9
VITTON Sliced pumpkin & potato with spinach and sweet chili sauce, topped with pine nuts and sour cream $19.9
VALENTINO Finely sliced chicken breast fillet and fire roasted capsicum served on a teriyaki sauce, topped with fresh chives and roasted peanuts $20.9
STUSSI Marinated chicken breast fillet topped with lettuce, caesar dressing and fresh tomatoes with chili oil $20.9
HOFMAN Cheese, pepperoni, cabanossi, ham, Italian sausage, chili beef, Pineapple on a Teriyaki sauce $20.90
CHANEL Chicken fillet, snow peas, fresh tomato, & satay sauce $20.9
BIG DADDY Make your own pizza with a selection of 5 toppings including 2 seafood $21.5
Extra Toppings $2 per standard topping $4 per Seafood Topping GST included $
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By joining the Oatley Hotel VIP Club you will receive special offers that will entitle you to great deals on food and drinks at the Hotel.

No access to our app? then for a limited time you can click on the Customer Survey / Membership Form button below and fill it out.

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8 Oatley Ave , Oatley NSW 2223
Office: (02) 9580 1117
Fax: (02) 9585 1112
Functions and Reservations: (02) 9580 1117
Clock and Oyster Bistro: (02) 9586 1045
Mail to PO Box 145 Oatley 2223
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